It’s National Black Cat Day #BlackCatDay #NationalBlackCatDay

Shadow the cat, from my children’s novel ‘A Fine Witch For A Cat, is a hero. He’s strong in both mind and manner. And he is a black cat. It is thought that many people avoid black cats when they think about taking on a new pet. There are lots of reasons for this. Some may be superstitious, others may have beliefs about their personality traits. Every cat, like every human, is a unique character. They all have their own personality. Sure, some pedigree breeds may have common traits. But it is my personal experience that black cats are the most loving, most sincere, and most loyal animals you could meet.

Please support organisations like The Cats Protection League, and Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home in all their important work for animals across the country. For this week (27-31 October 2016), for every purchase of a Kindle copy of my first children’s novel ‘A Fine Witch For A Cat‘, I will donate 50p to each of these charities. Just email me your confirmation of order from, and the donation will be made immediately.

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A Fine Witch For A Cat

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